Women's Empowerment

Women’s March NYC 2017


1.20.17, a day that we will never forget.  It rained the entire day across the country.  It was the inauguration day of whom should be the new President of the United States.  It was the day that many American hearts broke because we said farewell to one that many hoped would never leave.

The crowd was minimal.  The joy was even smaller.  Things even seemed to be a bit silent.  Then something beautiful happened.

1.21.17.  There was a boost in energy to get moving.  I walked onto the train wondering why it was so crowded.  Then it clicked.  The Women’s March on NYC was going on.  It was going to take place right where I was going.  Before I got off the train, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  Instead of going in the direction to get where I wanted to go  I ran in the direction of all the Pussy Hats, the signs, the traffic and the crowds.  There I was.

In my pink coat that I happened to wear, and a sea of people hit me.  I couldn’t do anything else but smile.  I started walking down 2nd Avenue with the men, women and children young and old that wanted to have their voices heard on this day.  This was a day of winter beauty weather.

They boasted their American flags but with signs stating that this not the America we want.  Young girls with their parents letting it be know the Female is the Future.  A long boy walking with a sign that he wanted his little sister to be able to make choices for herself, her body is her own.

Across the country.  Across 7 continents, the voices of everyone who opposed what is going on here spoke in droves.  It was peaceful.  It was without fail, even drivers sat when the streets were filled with people.  They played Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Restaurants played Rihanna’s We Found Love.  There were chants of #NotMyPresident #MyBodyMyChoice #NoHumanIsIllegal #BlackLivesMatter, #GirlsJustWannaHaveFunDamentalHumanRights switching between them all.  What a wonder.

Men and women of all races coming together.  As one.

I remind stopping into the library to get a higher photo of what was going on around me and hours later, I could still hear the crowds from blocks away chanting and yelling loading.  Our voices will not be silenced.

On this January day.  We created the largest protest in history.  What do you say about that.

There were people who said, “What was the point of the march?”  What is every protest about?  It is about getting the voice of the masses out there.  It is about making a stand where no one can ever say ‘We didn’t know this was going on,’ that they didn’t know we were having all of these issues.  It’s out there.  Those elected officials are just that — elected officials.

This is just the first.  This is just the beginning.  I am a woman.  An African American woman.  Who had a rough start to life and found my way to make things great for me.  And now I am going to do what I can do for all the woman coming up under me.  Whether it is through mentoring, volunteer work, protesting, writing letters or creating something greater for them all.  I believe in the future.  Don’t you?


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